Sunday, April 18, 2010

Give Thanks to God.

Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done.

-1 Chronicles 16:8

Thanking God is what most people should do at all times. Thanking Him not just in times that we are abundantly blessed but thanking Him even in trying times.

It is a fact that we oftentimes extend and say our gratitude to God only in times that we are especially in the fullness of our happiness because we feel the presence of God in us is dominant only on those pleasant times. But what a great misconception. God is with us even in times of our extreme difficulties and tests. We may not feel His presence in the midst of our struggles because we tend to feel that the Lord is not with us, that we are facing the hardship alone but we are perfectly mistaken. He even lifts us in getting things done for us in order to survive and to face the test.

It is quite queer why we only give thanks to God in our happy state of living. Why we are not proud proclaiming His greatness at all times, on things that He has done for us.

We feel the extreme pain in life and through whatever, we should always give thanks to God.

Monday, April 5, 2010

When stumble, no frowns.

Life doesn't assured constant happiness. We stumble many times. Sometimes the weight from your fall would make us tremendously discourage and hopeless. But there is a sure way that make us hopeful. Life isn't always unhappy. We smile. We learn. In fact, there are lots of things in life that we need to be grateful for/of. These two shall pass. Problems are not static. They are not constant. They are not forever present in a man's life.

That is why, there is no reason to be unhappy. There is no time to let problems win. Next time when you stumble, no frowns.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

God saves everyone.

Visibly knowing the status of my sister who suffer a deep health problem, conditions me that life is like this. It is her endless medication which leaves me worrying all the time.

Life is very tough for all those persons whose member in the family suffers much pain on health. Frankly, my heart cries in deep sorrow and mercy every time I look at her taking daily high dosage of medicine. The side effects are what I worry about. But there is no other Person whom I cling my faith to. I put that worrying to God. God really doesn't want anyone to suffer and He knows how much I struggle. I leave it all to Him.

At all times, I gather much strength from Him. I am ready and strong to face my fears and problems because I know God will never leave me along with this. We are one in this.

If there is no way out, chances are God will always save us. He will always catch me. I know He surely does and He will.

Friday, February 19, 2010

In love with the wrong guy.

Love is the most deepest word that weigh heavy meaning. We often use the word LOVE to our family, friends, to our boyfriend or girlfriend, to God, to everyone. Actually, LOVE is the ultimate beginning and end why we live and survive, why we are here in this world and why we still striving to go on with life. There are various reasons and degree in depths why people love, such for example, the initiate boy-girl relationship. Probably, that is what makes the world go round.

Frankly, I have been totally in love ("Obsessed" as what my friends say). I know we were not fit right from the start. Probably, he is wrong for me. But I'm waiting for a miracle that sudden positive change may forever take place. It is just I'm in the softer side, accumulating all the worst in him for miracle to happen. All the understanding, all the patience, all the love, pause my love not because I know that he needs me to direct his life. I do love him. We love each other. But time comes that I'm already tired. I'm tired of being always on the softer side. I'm tired of his vices, his bragging disbelief, his false promises. I'm totally tired.

That is why, I'm awaken to my senses. I'm awaken from the reality of prolong silence and sleep from the truth. I'm opening wide my eyes and focusing my mind to swallow my "undying love" for him. For long years, we love each other but I come up with a decision. It's totally over!

The best life's lesson that holds me now is this nourishing words which my friend shared me. It says:

"People have different outlooks in love. But whatever those are, there's only a single truth behind everyone's heartache: Love hurts when God knows you deserve someone else."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My reflection about a prayer.

"Do not thing of the few things you did not get after praying. Think of the countless beautiful things God gave without your asking."

I do admit that I often pray to the Lord, asking Him to have me like this and like that, to have me these and those. I pray for Him for many things and various concerns. I ask much blessings for our family, our plans, our health and our future life.

Oftentimes too, I wonder why I haven't receive the ones I've prayed. And it leads now thinking, maybe God doesn't want me to have what I've asked for now or probably, He doesn't want me to have then because it might bring bad to me. But the solid hold of what I always trust is the saying that goes, "Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it." Actually this saying holds true in most cases of my life.

And the perfect thing i have discovered, for every thing - little or big that you do to the least of your brothers, God will never skip to give you a reward, blessings that you can't even count them. They're numerously unmeasurable. And in everything you do, you will always prosper and if you think it's tough to cross the many impossible ways, you'll be amazed that God lightens them.

That is why, in everything you do, seek His will and He will surely lighten and direct every paths.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Depressed of becoming fat.

It is such a depressing feeling that a person judge me as obese. He said that I look like a mother who already gone through pregnancy and labor. I don't know how anyone would feel my side.

I am single and have not been touch. Because of my work, I eat a lot. I am a freelance writer. I write and write, read and research always. This is not an easy task and thus, every time I loss energy, I boisterously eat and eat. My mind is always at work. As a result, if I don't eat a lot, I feel like good, appropriate words and ideas will not come out. Thus, I fuel myself with lots of food to sustain me and my brain. Plus, my work requires weight because I don't have enough strength to exercise.

I am aware of myself. I am totally aware that I'm becoming fat. But I do make ways to tone my body down. I will surely do it. That is my mission this year!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My written poem - "Hoping"

I am falling in love to a friend that he didn't know. Because of my too much feeling of love, I write this poem personally. It is entitled, "Hoping".

Everytime I encouner faces,
A glimpse of true love resembles,
Everything perfectly flourishing,
This love seem unending.

The eyes both meet,
Your stare is hoping,
My true love creates,
To you I'm liking.

How wonderful to dwell,
This mind always thinking,
How great to spell,
Love both sharing.

I do love you,
Me, just hoping,
I do care for you,
Me, never revealing.

How beautiful to live,
If the reason is you,
How blessed to love,
If I share it with you.

This hopeful soul,
Always wishing,
You don't know,
You, I'm loving.

Just hoping...
Just wishing...
I'm loving...
And saying..."I love you so!"